Welcome to Elauwit Networks

We are the internet service provider in your community. As the leading provider of technology services to student housing properties in the United States, we are thrilled by the opportunity to keep you connected. Just move in and plug in. That’s it! See below to learn more about the services available throughout your community.

Oh, and it’s pronounced “El-Ah-Wit!”

Leave the Technical Stuff to Us

At Elauwit, we strive to offer quality services that are easy to setup and hassle free to use. That’s why from the moment you move in, your internet service is already live. In most cases, all you need to bring with you is your internet-ready devices and an Ethernet cable to plug into the outlet we have already installed in your apartment. So go ahead... plug in... and we will keep you connected!

Wired Internet Service

Traditional high speed internet service is active in your unit from the moment you move in. No additional equipment needed. We have installed Ethernet outlets in all units so simply move in, and plug in. For instructions on getting connected using your in room internet, click below.


We have a dedicated customer support 24/7. Reach out for customer support via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook for fast, efficient, and friendly service.